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4.5 rating
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4.5 rating
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4.5 rating
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Get 100% Welcome Bonus
Up To €1000 & 100 Free Spins
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Up To €1000 + 125 No Wager Free Spins
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Up To €100 On The First Deposit
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Up To €1000 & 100 Free Spins On The First Deposit
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What Is A Bitcoin Casino?

Cryptocurrencies have become quite popular in recent years. They are getting more and more popular in various fields. There are many companies worldwide using cryptocurrencies as payment methods. Gambling is also on the list. Cryptocurrencies are very easy to use. That’s why gamblers prefer it more and more. This is one of the biggest reasons Bitcoin casinos became popular.

At Bitcoin casinos players are able to use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to make deposits and withdrawals. These are the same online casinos as the standard ones. Pure crypto casinos offer users only cryptocurrencies as a way to fund. There are also hybrid casinos, accepting also regular (FIAT) currencies. Today, the number of such casinos has increased. Now it is a little difficult to find the best Bitcoin casino. How to find the best Bitcoin casino? What are the factors you have to consider? Is it safe to play at Bitcoin casinos? How to avoid possible problems? Of course, our team will help you with this. But before we start discussing crypto casinos, let’s say a few words about cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies

To buy bitcoin, you need to create a wallet and understand the principles of its operation. The main thing is to save the private key safe and not transfer it to third parties, since it opens access to the management of funds. There are several ways to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but the most popular is Exchange platforms. There are lots of sites that allow you to buy or sell Bitcoin. For this you can use bank accounts, internet banking or popular internet wallets. Choosing a trusted and reputable exchange platform is not too easy and you have to read user reviews and ratings in order to find a reliable platform. After you find the preferred exchange platform, you can easily sign up, fund money on your account and buy Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrencies In Gambling

Despite lots of debate, the popularity of cryptocurrency is growing fast. It is becoming more and more consumed by various sectors. Online gambling sites proved that cryptocurrencies have value and can be used in real life. Online casinos have introduced many modern trends in recent years. One of which of course is a change in the payment system. One of these technologies is cryptocurrency. Which has become an alternative payment method for gamblers.

Now there is a question. How to find the best Bitcoin casino? What services does this casino offer? What is the difference between them and etc. Choosing the best crypto casino is not as easy as it might be seen. There are lots of important factors you need to consider if you want to play in the safe and secure environment. Onlinecasinospace team is always ready to help you. It does not matter if you are an experienced gambler or a beginner, we hope our guide will help you.

Advantages Of Cryptocurrencies

Online casinos have made various regulations on transactions in recent years. This has made payment methods a bit complicated. And here appeared cryptocurrencies. They have become an alternative to payment methods. It allows customers to make unlimited transactions. It is safe  and fast. There is a less chance that someone will gain access to your assets. This has become one of the main reasons for the popularity of Bitcoin casinos. But Bitcoin casinos do not have just this one advantage.

Accepted Worldwide

It is providing the worldwide payment system. It is not connected with the government or the central bank. Which means that Bitcoin, like any other cryptocurrencies, works equally well for all casinos. It does not matter which country regulates the casino or which country you are in. This system is the same for everyone.


As we already mentioned above, one of the advantages of the cryptocurrencies is that they are decentralized.  It is independent from any country, government or bank. This allows us to take full control on all our funds. No one can block or freeze your account. And it is impossible to track the transactions you’ve made.


It is one of the biggest advantages of cryptocurrencies. Here the players’ personal information is protected. Transactions made at Bitcoin casino are stored only on the blockchain. Only information about the amount is available on the blockchain. They are not connected with credit cards or banks. As we already mentioned, it is impossible to track the transactions. So you can play safe. Safety is guaranteed.

Transaction Fees

We all know that credit card and bank transactions are not cheap. This is the transfer fee. Casinos charge a fee to the customer upon deposit and withdrawal. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have low commissions. This means that the player saves more money on deposits and withdrawals. Regarding this, cryptocurrencies are quite popular among online gamblers. The more they save, the longer they can play.

Disadvantages Of Cryptocurrencies

Nothing is ideal. The same is in case of cryptocurrencies. A product that has so many advantages, has disadvantages also.Below are listed the disadvantages that you should definitely need to know if you are going to play at a Bitcoin casino.

No Support

There are certain problems that might happen while bank or cryptocurrency transaction. It is a bit difficult when it comes to digital coins. Because no one owns a blockchain. You might get help from the wallet or the casino itself. Note, however, that they have no control over the blockchain.

Also, if you are a victim of fraud and lose money, you will have very little chance of getting it back. Therefore, we advise you to use the most reliable and reputable wallet to protect yourself as much as possible from fraud.

No Chargeback

You may transfer the wrong amount to a casino account. This often happens. If you made a mistake with a credit card or bank transaction, you are able to get that amount back. The same is not in case of cryptocurrencies. Once you make a transaction and it is confirmed, there is no way to get it back. Also, keep in mind that there is no way to cancel the transaction, as it is already confirmed in the blockchain. So try to play at the most trusted Bitcoin casino to avoid possible complications.


One of the biggest disadvantages of cryptocurrencies. This is when the price could be reduced in seconds. This of course can affect you both positive and negative.

How To Choose A Bitcoin Casino?

First of all, look for the licensed Bitcoin casino. It also must be high reputable. Before you create an account on the platform, be sure to visit the Terms & Conditions section. Here you will find information on casino rules, bonus rules, payment methods and other important information. Be sure to check out the list of banned countries as well. Make sure crypto casino accepts your current location.

Be sure to review the choice of games. Bitcoin casinos offer users special crypto and bitcoin games. These can be Bitcoin slots, Bitcoin blackjack, Bitcoin roulette and more.

Bitcoin casinos often use different types of bonuses to attract users. For this purpose they often offer free spins or crypto match bonuses. In some cases both together. Be sure to pay attention to what the casinos have to offer.

Safe Crypto Gambling

Safety is one of the most important things that every player should consider. It does not matter if you are playing on the standard casino or a bitcoin casino. The player must be protected during the game. As we already mentioned above, transactions are secured. This is one of the biggest advantages of cryptocurrencies. It has a modern defense system. And it is hard for thieves to gain access to your account.

Be sure to choose the reliable Bitcoin casinos. They are providing the safe gambling environment. A dissatisfied customer always expresses his opinion. This way you will learn what the casino was like in the past and what it is like now. Learn about  how they deal with customers. You will learn what were the main pros and cons of the casino. We have reviewed numerous casinos and provided a list of the Bitcoin casinos that are the most trusted.

Try to avoid phishing scams. Thieves try to get access to your personal information. They send users messages where they ask them to enter personal information. Keep in mind that a reputable casino will never ask to share such information. Besides this, they often send attractive offers to users by email. Such emails always have a suspicious link. Clicking this link will give them access to your information. We advise never to click these links. Otherwise, be sure to contact the casino to verify the information.

Trusted exchange is very important. Always use a trusted and reputable exchange platform. Never buy digital coins on forums or from a third party. A trusted exchange platform is a guarantee of your security in crypto trading.

Bitcoin Casino Games

Bitcoin casinos offer games similar to regular casinos. But there are crypto casinos where it is possible to play special bitcoin games. And you will not find these games at other casinos. Such games accept only Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. But cryptocurrencies can be used for common games such as:

  • Slots
  • Poker
  • Video poker
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Dice
  • Lottery
  • Bingo
  • Live casino

Live dealer games have become quite popular among gamblers in recent years. Modern technologies allow us to create an excellent gambling environment. The best Bitcoin casinos offer such high quality live dealer games. Which also allows players to make a deposit through the cryptocurrency during the game easy.

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

Like many other online casino bonuses, Bitcoin casinos offer customers generous bonuses. Bonuses are one of the most popular ways to attract players. That’s why it is important to have a basic knowledge of bonus systems. We advise to read bonus terms before you accept it. You will find the following types of bonuses at Bitcoin casinos:

Deposit Bonuses

The most common type of bonuses. These are bonuses for new users. When they make the first deposit, they receive the same amount as a bonus. In some cases it can be 50%, 150% or 200%. And this is not just about the first deposit. Casinos that want to offer customers special bonuses also offer these bonuses on the second, third and fourth deposit as well. The same is in case for Bitcoin casinos, although this time the deposit is made in cryptocurrency. So, the player receives the same amount of cryptocurrencies as a bonus. In many cases, the casino gives us a certain number of free spins.

Reload Bonuses

Also a quite popular bonus type. This is a bonus for those who make deposits very often. Casinos offer these bonuses every week or every month. You will often see such bonuses at Bitcoin casinos and regular casinos as well.

No-deposit Bonuses

This is the less common type of bonus offered by crypto casinos. As the name tells, such a bonus does not require any deposit. To get this bonus you only need to register on the portal. That is why it is often called a sign up bonus. These bonuses are much smaller than regular deposit bonuses. Note that such bonuses always have special rules. You certainly can not withdraw this amount.

No-wagering Bonuses

As a rule, most bonuses have special wagering requirements. No-wagering bonuses are the bonuses that do not have these wagering requirements. You are free to claim the bonus, use it and withdraw. Like these types of bonuses, no deposit bonuses are quite rare. However there are crypto casinos that offer these types of bonuses.

Bitcoin Casino Payment Methods

Deposit At Bitcoin Casinos

Before you can make a deposit with crypto, you must have crypto. You can buy crypto on exchange platforms. After that, log in to your casino account and buy the desired virtual coin. Each payment method is different. They have both positive and negative sides. So pay attention to details and choose the most suitable for you. And if this is your first deposit, be sure to check out the welcome bonus and agree.

Withdraw At Bitcoin Casinos

Withdrawing money from a crypto casino is very easy. To do this, you need to visit the cashier and choose the desired payment method. Enter the desired amount and confirm the withdrawal request. Withdrawal options, as well as deposit methods, may differ from each other. When withdrawing money, make sure that you meet all the wagering requirements. This is in case you claimed any bonus at Bitcoin casino.


So now you have enough information about cryptocurrencies and bitcoin casinos. By following these tips you will be able to find the best casino and play in a safe environment. Once again, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are considered to be one of the most secure payment methods.

Onlinecasinospace team works hard to review Bitcoin casinos on the internet. We want every player, both experienced and beginners, to be informed about crypto casinos. Hope our guide will help you in selecting the best Bitcoin casino.